Every line on my palm
is an unanswered prayer.
Where I come from,
scars are the only ways
a brother recognizes another
& fire is the only antidote to fire here;
Fire + fire = Hell, human ( me).

But tonight,
I am at the other side of the lake,
away from the redness of what we call home.
Wanting to reconsider loving again.
I choose
to egg my scars
& God them towards light.

I present to you,
a blooming wound,
another portrait from this broken being.
This body only knows how to
resurrect, survive and keep
l(o)iving till she can’t.

Say this poem
is an anthology of broken things
learning how to shape shift
themselves into warriors.
Say this poem is a
collection of piercing memories
refurbishing themselves into beauty.
Say this poem is the only path to heal.

Forgive me,
for supermaning myself,
again, again and again.
won’t you join me?

SA’ ADA ISA YAHAYA is a fifteen year old Nigerian teenage author, poet and a short story writer. She hails from Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State. She is a proud member of the Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation and a student of Jewel Model Secondary School Kubwa,Abuja. She is a second runner up for the AS ABUGI National Prize For Short Story and for the 2023 National Creative Writing Competition for Secondary Schools ( Poetry Category) organized by the National Copyright Commission.

Her poem ” Nothing beautiful lasts forever” came second in the Creators Of Justice Literary Award ( Youth Category) and she was shortlisted for the 2nd Teen African Writers Awards ( Prose Category).Her works have appeared in or are forthcoming in Kalahari review, New Voices Magazine, Eboquills, Under the madness magazine, World voices Magazine, Blue Marble review, Stripes Lit Magazine and elsewhere.

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