It never pour it floods

It started at birth

Labor was laborious

Nurses lost patience

Mum lost zeal and energy

Finally I was pulled out

Exhausted I showed up with a half limp

Mum felt cursed

Family said it’s taboo

Villagers were scornful

I was born with a missing limp

I limped through life

Mum died early

Most likely from depression

The environment was hostile to her

For giving birth to a lesser human

After her demise

I was kicked into a forster home

They thought forster home

Was my oblivion

My soft slow kill

My good riddance

Little did they know

It was my Joseph moment

The pharaohs were going to be my gods

Thank heavens

Riddance became radiance

I found a home

I found a people

I found myself

I found a team to help crush the cultural myth

” To kick a frog is to help it to cross.”

My stars started shooting

My confidence shot

My health gathered

My academic prowess bloomed

I shot for the stars

I landed on Mars

Jupiter spun with me

My destiny celestial

Against the odds

I was an astronomer at twenty

The clan went green with envy

They went red with shame

They questioned their values

They forsook their beliefs

The bravest confessed publicly

The awakened repented forthwith

The shameful apologized sincerely

Indeed physically challenged

Is not mentally challenged

The limp is not the limit

The limit is not the sky

The limp is a blessing

It’s not a curse.

FRANCIS MUZOFA (aka @Pope) is a Zimbwabwean poet currently based in Namibia. His poems have been published both locally and internationally by several magazines/journals.His publication journey is about three old although he has been a poet since childhood, he wasn’t public about it. One of the highlights of his recent publications was contributing a poem called “She Was Sound Not Loud” to the anthology published in honor of Her Majesty The Queen after her passing.The anthology “Celebrating The Life Of Queen Elizabeth II” was published by The Poet magazine in October 2022.Francis is a philosophical poet who enjoys wisdom poetry. His favorite writing themes include health, climate, nature and social life issues.He normally uses satire, sarcasm, allegory to crack nuts.His pen is a piercing sword that takes down elephants.


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