We are excited to announce the longlist for the Libretto African Anthology Prize (LAAP).

According to the jury, “All the writers did excellently fine. Each story was written from a unique perspective, which birthed a thoroughly fascinating read”.

The shortlist will be released on Easter Sunday, April 17th, 2022.

Below are all the writers name and work in no particular order as longlisted by the Libretto African Anthology Prize (LAAP) jurors: Dhee Sylvester, Isiaka Abubabkar Eazy, D.M. Aderibigbe, and Tendai Rinos Mwanaka.

  1. Baby Fever by MARYAM AMINU
  2. Symptoms of Hardship by ISAACOED BUCHI JAMIE
  3. Stealing Time by ONIS SAMPSON
  4. The Art of Leaving by NWABUISI KENNETH
  5. A White paper on how to wield corruption by TESTIMONY AKINKUNMI
  6. The weeping boy by PROSPER IFEANYI
  7. The Avant Garde: The Theatre for Lawful Rebels; “To be or not to be!” by AYOWALE AKANBI OGUNKUNLE
  8. Custodianship Rises to Annex Christianity by LAYI AJAYI
  9. Insulation | Dear Friend by ANODO REJOICE
  11. From self-determination struggle to self-grievings: A politicization of the ‘sapa’ saga in african literature by OLUSOJI OBEBE

Writers Biography:

Maryam Aminu was born in Northern Nigeria to Ondo state parents. She spent most of her formative years in the region. She is a graduate of Mass Communication from Bayero University Kano and did her National Youth Service in Ogun State. Her passion for writing started as a child and she has been writing since then for the reading pleasure of her classmates. The first short story she published on Okadabooks titled, “Mister Pyaar”, started as a series she posted periodically on her Facebook wall. You can visit her blog and connect with her on her social media pages:

Isaacoed Buchi Jamie is a writer, poet, social activist, thought leader, mentor, and lover of words and ideas. He helps individuals who have; an impactful message, transformative stories, and intentional zeal, to gain clarity, and share their ideologies. He’s the founder of Be First African Initiative (BFAI), a non-profit organization based in Abuja, Nigeria. BFAI focuses on harnessing the strength and potentials of young minds for the purpose of transforming them into agents of positive change and impact.
Facebook Page link:

Onis Sampson is a Nigerian lawyer, writer, and singer presently recovering from hiatus. His poems, short fiction, and nonfiction have appeared in Ake Review, Lunaris Review, Vinyl Poetry, Erbacce, Praxis Mag, World Reader, Tuck Magazine, Authorpedia, African Eyeball anthology, African Writer, Kalahari Review, and elsewhere. You can find him on Facebook with this account, Onis Sampson.

Nwabuisi Kenneth holds a B.A in English and literary studies at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He has works of fiction in online magazines and anthologies such as: Kalahari reviews, Association of Nigerian Authors’ reviews, Libretto magazine, Conscio magazine, Boys are not stones anthology, Rape rages 2019 and elsewhere. You can reach him via email at

Testimony Akinkunmi is a Law Student of Yoruba origin. He takes delight in telling tales of man, hope, and pain. He has been featured in the shallow tales review, akorewrites, Qwenu and Hub. He can be contacted by

Prosper Ifeanyi writes from the city of Delta, Nigeria. He is a student of English and Literature from Delta State University, Abraka. He is a burgeoning literary critic-cum-scholar, poet, dramatist and novelist. Some of his works have been published in Anotearthub, Scribd and elsewhere. He is a certified winner of the National Association of English and Literary Studies (NASELS) Spelling Bee Competition for 2021 in DELSU (Delta State Chapter).

Ayowale Akanbi Ogunkunle is a graduate of the Department of Dramatic Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria. An inclined, alluring and poised lover of the Arts,. Ayowale is a creative writer and an acute imaginative thinker who is devoted to producing works of arts with utmost ingenuity and uniqueness. He is a non-conformist who loves to thinks outside the box. He hails from Osun State in Nigeria. He is an actor and a teacher of the arts. He is always open to new ideas aims to learn more about the creative arts to impart his world.

Layi Ajayi is a 25-year-old upcoming author of a book series titled “Credence Studies” which is comprised of three anthologies: one of epic fiction, another of epic prose, and a third of epic poetry. Layi Ajayi identifies as a Generation Z activist, who writes books that will serve the Generation-Z demographics of the West-African, African, and Middle Eastern diaspora. He studied Philosophy for his bachelor, and he has a post-graduate diploma in Advanced Business Management from the University Of Winnipeg. His Instagram handle is @layi.b.ajayi

Anodo Rejoice is currently studying at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She has stories published in Iskanchi, Shuzia and other magazines. Twitter: @IsaacRejoice2

Moyomade Mary Aladesuyi is a 21-year-old law graduate, batik artist, poet and feminist writer from Nigeria. She writes mostly fiction and non-fiction. Her long-listed nonfiction “Yeye” was written in honour of her grandmother, Yeye Felicia Ilori Aladesuyi who passed away in August, 2021. Her writing focuses on spotlighting the world unseen in our own world, the stories no one really wants to tell — which are her own story and those of her community. She writes provoking stories of acceptance within an unforgiving world. She has previously been published by The Hellebore Press with her short story fiction “Finding Home”. She looks forward to writing more and getting the world to read her work.

Olusoji Obebe is an emerging Nigerian poet, essayist and fiction writer. One of his essays was longlisted in the African Human Right Essay Competition. He was a finalist in the Voice of Peace Intercontinental Poetry and Short Story Contest. He also got an outstanding essay in the Sixth Chinua Achebe Poetry/ Essay Anthology. His works have appeared on Fiery Scribe Review, Nnoko Stories and Terror House Press. When not writing, he does pencil and pen sketches. His social media handles: Facebook @Olusoji_Obebe Instagram @olusojiobebe

The Libretto African Anthology Series was instituted to promote African literature and culture. We decided to provide the best literary support to writers who are willing to publish and see readers’ find joy in their works. Thank you for sharing your fears, doubts, love and thought-provoking works. We asked you to give us the best and you absolutely did!

The longlist, shortlist, and winner are selected by a jury. The longlist of eleven creative nonfictions/essays will be announced in March, while the shortlist of five works will be release in April. The winner will receive a cash prize of ₦30,000 or its equivalent in dollars in May. Contributors whose entries are selected for publication will receive confirmation emails and details of scheduled publication date(s). Longlisted and shortlisted entrants and the winner must be willing to work with our editorial team in getting their entries ready for publication.

Follow this link to read more about how to submit your work for consideration on our call for submissions, issue 07, theme: Ecstasy, and Click here to download and read our previous issues, and click here to download and read Libretto Chapbook Series 2020 publication, and follow this link to read our 2020 Best of Net Anthology Nominations.

Hearty congratulations to the longlist writers!

On behalf of the LIBRETTO editorial team, we say a massive thank you to Writers Space Africa, Africa in Words, James Murua Literary, and Commonwealth Writers who made a tremendous effort in publicizing our call for submissions. We appreciate your zealousness towards the growth of African literature and urge you to keep on enlightening the world about the African literary sphere.

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