How is life with parents?

How is life with mother’s care?

How is life with true love?

How is life in a home?

How is life in a family?

How I wish I have a Dad

A Dad to love and protect me

A Dad to take me to school daily

A Dad to always call me his son

A Dad to always hug on his return

A Dad to always force me to be brave

How I wish I have a Mom

A Mom to care when I’m sick

A mom to shower me with love and smiles

A Mom to hold me when I’m scared

A Mom to tell me bed time stories

A mom to share my dreams with

How I wish I have a home

A home to return and see my parents

A home to run in for protection

A home to live and have some peace

A home to rest and have a nap

How I wish I have a family

A brother to always play hide and seek

A baby sister to always cuddle

A grandma to tell me some folk tales

A grandpa to keep me company

Here I am, in a lonely local orphanage

How does it feel to be loved?

Like a world of magical smiles?

Like a floating state with joy?

Like a world of reality with no enmity?

Like a world of happy playing orphans?

I would have known only if I have a home.

Oh yes, life has deprived me a home

Left me with a cap disability

I need a home not a house

Someday, I will build a home

My desired home in a town of peace.

The poet is a graduate of Mass Communication from Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerr. Her poems have been featured in various Poetry Anthologies, Websites and Magazines which include: Anthology in honor of Late Professor Jerry Agada, 11th Woman Scream Anthology, Abhyuday “The Rising” International Magazine, The Pine Cone Review Magazine; Issue II, News Corner Media, Poemify Magazine; Issue III, Libretto Magazine; Issue 07, 6th and 7th Chinua Achebe poetry/essay Anthology with an award of outstanding entry, gisthub24.comallpoetry.com, Upwrite Magazine, Nigerian book of Miscellaneous Insults, Ghostly Ghouls and Haunted Happenings Anthology, OPA Annual Anthology; Bridges to Tomorrow, Voices of Africa Anthology, Voices of Revolution Anthology, The Graveyard zine 5th Issue, International Human Right Anthology, Flora fiction spring 23rd edition, 13th International Festival of the cry of a Woman: Mother Earth Anthology etc. She participated in the African Human Right short story contest, one of the Libretto Magazine best 2023 nominations and currently the state Information Secretary of the Society of young Nigerian writers (SYNW) Imo state chapter. 

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