Introduction to the Healing Odyssey: A Literary Confluence in the 10th Edition by Nosakhare Collins

Dear Esteemed Readers,

With the publication of our 10th Issue, we embark on a literary expedition—a thematic journey that captures the human experience, unraveling the intricate threads of Healing. As we unveil this special edition, it is with immense gratitude that we welcome you to a celebration of voices, narratives, verses, and conversations that collectively articulate the profound intricacies of renewal and resilience.

Healing, a concept universally understood yet profoundly personal, is the focal point of the diverse array of narratives, poetry, and drama awaiting you in the pages that follow. As we navigate the multiple layers of emotions, scars, and triumphs, we find ourselves at the crossroads of vulnerability and strength, where the human spirit seeks solace, understanding, and the elusive promise of wholeness.

Our featured authors, in an exclusive conversation with the magazine, share insights into the inspiration behind their works and writing process. These conversations set the stage for a world where knowledge exists to be cherished and expounded, inviting readers into an intimate exploration of healing and societal discourse.

Our curated selection of prose open doors to stories that unfold against the backdrop of adversity, pain, and resilience. From the quiet battles within the human psyche to the external struggles that test the limits of endurance, these narratives serve as windows into the intricate experience of healing, showcasing the myriad ways in which individuals navigate the arduous path to recovery.

The narrative landscape unfolds with the compelling storytelling of Fortune Simeon’s“This Body, Full of Glass”, whose literary contribution possess the potential to be a guiding reference for this Issue. Joining the narrative odyssey is the evocative prose of Deborah Uzoma’s“Olorunayo”, a work that promises to carve new dimensions into our existential relationship with healing. The inclusion of Jim Ross’s “Living Death”enriches this narrative panorama, adding layers of depth to the concept of human resilience and transformation.

In the realm of poetry, we encounter ideas that interrogate and celebrate the healing process. Six distinguished poets lend their lyrical voices to this edition, each a maestro in translating the ineffable nuances of healing into verse. Chanelle Pingree’s sublime lines dance on the precipice of emotion, while the timeless verses of Wisdom NemiOtikor’s remind us of the enduring strength embedded in the human spirit. The eloquent expressions of Emmanuel G Yamba, Sa’Ada Isa Yahaya, Mubarak Said and Nket Godwin collectively create a poetic symphony, capturing the different emotions that often define the healing experience.

Complementing these poetic expressions, As a captivating addition to our literary ensemble, we are thrilled to present a play “The Bard’s Dark Encore” crafted by the gifted Mohamed Mahou. This theatrical effort is centered on characters grappling and navigating the complexities of vulnerability, seeking redemption, and finding solace in the transformative power of healing. The inclusion of a play extends the boundaries of literary ingenuity, bringing to life the performative aspects of healing in a captivating narrative that unfolds on the stage of our collective imagination.

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As we curate this edition, we are reminded that healing is not a linear experience but a mosaic of experiences. It is a baptism of the self and a connection to others, a journey that transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with our collective humanity.
In expressing our deepest gratitude to these literary luminaries, we invite you to immerse yourselves in the pages that follow. May this edition be a source of strength, empathy, and inspiration, while being a testament to the will of the human spirit and its remarkable capacity for healing and recovery.

With heartfelt appreciation.

Nosakhare Collins
Libretto Magazine



Introduction to the healing odyssey: A literary confluence in 10th edition | NOSAKHARE COLLINS

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You succeed as a playwright by writing and workshopping your plays | PROF. BODE SOWANDE

This body, full of glass | FORTUNE SIMEON
Living death | JIM ROSS

What i mean when i say i am healing | WISDOM NEMI OTIKOR
Ode to Alushi | EMMANUEL G G YAMBA
Watch this wound bloom | SA’ADA ISA YAHAYA
Paper boots | MUBARAK SAID

The bard’s dark encore | MOHAMED MAHOU

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