I wish

I wish to be a tiny art
To show my desired heart.
I wish to be a bird
To fly above the sky.
I wish to be zephyr
To kiss all sweet hearts.
I wish to be a new phase
To show my dreamy version.
I wish to be a fool
To play some naive roles.
I wish to be a flower
To spread sweet fragrance.
I wish to be a child
For the adorable mum.
I wish to be ocean
To dance with lively rhythm.
I wish to tell all
How much I grateful to dear God?
For giving me another chance
To make a new symphonic tune of life.

Sabiha Afrose

S Afrose ( Sabiha Afrose)from Bangladesh, educational credentials-B Pharm, M Pharm, Jahangirnagar University. Poetry is her best friend. She loves to write in different poetic form whether free verse, rhymic, short stories etc. Her writes are published on many anthologies.Recently, her 1st solo english poetry E- book “Spirits— Lively Life” has published from PRODIGY PUBLISHED USA.