forgiveness is akin to a course of grieving
there is a death in relinquishing what is
denying days where former fates confront sins
anguish to anger accepting unjust misfortunes
striving to make sense of life’s drawn-out sentences
bestowed penalties of living inside hereditary prisons
chains of poor childhood conditioning
probabilities of immoralities persist
reduces us to helplessness

endeavors to escape injustices
within mere existence
targets unsuspecting innocence
where the self falls guilt-ridden
these mediums of crimes
go unwarranted
juvenile traumas
developmental disruptions
repercussions from domestic relations
unfavorable environment nurturing

there is prolonged healing
reverberating restoration
pardoning the self shall lead to salvation
but first hellish hours are drawn in
we are wholly victims of ourselves
preys to morality which persists at our conscience
reason seeks redemption for past misgivings
external and internal causalities
when minding our source of pain
strives to reach resolutions

where the inner
and outer being forms a union
sheds light into the shadow’s internal workings
multilayered cooperation towards awareness
vulnerabilities purging pain for curing
there is courage in confronting a clashing of stirrings
the heart yearns for meaning
to suffering’s significance

when the spirit of our humanity revolts
it pursues a wary course of action
if there is to be a dwelling place of deliverance
one must encompass a love bigger than offenses
turn toward score liberation
regenerative powers of healing
love is braver
far more beautiful
like a falling feather

i forgive you
you you
you you you






CHANELLE PINGREE is an indigenous Chamorro from the Pacific Island of Guam. She is a first-generation college graduate with a B.A. in philosophy and minor in Asian Studies. Her works are published in The Southern Quill, Epiphany and Salt Lake Public Library Zine. She is a raging bookworm who is passionate about education, philosophy, saving public libraries, mental health advocacy, political activism, space exploration, and environmentalism. She enjoys discussing existential topics highlighted in science fiction and fantasy books, comics, and films. Chanelle lives in Utah with her bearded Viking husband and two brilliant sons.

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