There’s no disability greater than the Inability to see more,

The daunting cloak of malice you exude,

Don’t stomp me out,

No one knows tomorrow,

 Ever searching for that needed inclusion

With the esteem that comes,

not the pity I see 

      “There’s no disability greater than  the inability to see more.”

Suck me up in the depths of hearts,

Remember me when you pick infrastructures,

Hold my hands

 and don’t let go,

Be my rock in storms,

Show me the love of God

A love that fills my heart with warmth

and earnest joy

Always thinking and including,

        “Suck me up in the depths of hearts.”

Unseen sometimes,

but still moving,

See the chills I feel,

I’m all alone

 in the cold Winter,

With no friends in sight,

Dis-ability only points where to start,

As slow as an unwavering tortoise,

my speed is the least of worries,

I’ll surely get there,

      “Unseen sometimes, but still moving.”

 Dis-ability is a gift you frown at,

Yet, label with pity


You pity me enough to not give me a job?

To deny me access to education, employment and quality health care?

To not want me here!

Seeking me only when there’s loot to latch,

Help me unwrap,

       “Dis-ability is a gift you frown at.”

Live and let me live,

There’s a great sheen in Dis-ability

Light in my tomorrow,

Let me live everyday,

not once a year,

 it’s awful enough to celebrate Dis- ability once a year

Then ignore all year long

What inclusion is this?

I continue to ponder,

All the same,

       “Live and let me live.”

What inclusion is this?

The anxiety I clutch,

When I can’t walk on public roads  with a cane

When I can’t access public facilities in a chair,

When there are no signs to read,

When you refuse to let me associate because I have a non communicable disease you hate,

Are you just so cruel?

       “What inclusion is this?”

Don’t put that label on me!







                                   Downs are stereotypes you claim,


We are all humans,

Complete in spirit,

More and not less!

        “Don’t put that label on me.”

There’s a light at the end of that tunnel,

I’ll keep going,

Woke up one morning to deafening obscurity,

The kind doctors call “the silent thief of sight!” – glaucoma,


 It’s a shame I’m stigmatized for that,

For what is no crime at all,

A shame you limit my abilities to Dis-ability


     “I’ll keep going.”

There’s ability in Dis-ability,

Got a new pair of  glasses

To see possibilities in difficulties,

You can’t shut me now!

I’ll persevere above odds,

Depression doesn’t stand a chance,

I’ll push to the very end,

For deep down here,. Right here in my heart,

I know,

       “There’s ability in Dis- ability.”




ESTHER OKON is an undergraduate of the department of Biochemistry, university of Uyo. She’s a Nigerian. She’s a lover of God, books and psychology. She also gives free counseling to family and friends. Her favorite life quote is, “There is nothing impossible, even the word impossible says I’m possible.” Contact her @ okonprecious244@gmail.com for more details.

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