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The proses entitled ‘Twitter Street’ retold a reality story of nearly all that happened around us as they are usually taken to the social media for a second round. The writer had undoubtedly pictured this story in the most interesting manner. It is a freestyle narrative in which the writer appears personally involved.

The story aside being set on social media is a reflection of the true Nigerian life in this contemporary time. As the writer had written, Twitter Street is somewhat a hell of a place. I would join my voice with hers, as a matter of fact. This is because, this book is not just a non-fiction, it is a fact based book that narrated the relationship of Nigerians with their fellows, where nothing mattered but self-absorb, demanding, egocentric, downright unnecessary, the obvious people whom life is perfect for but in reality, sadistically in want, need and trouble ridden.

A people who pose to the world all are well whereas, they are sinking. The author of this book did no more justice other than revealing what is really in place in our today’s society. It is pathetic how we wish and long to be someone else who ordinarily is dreaming to live our lives. The writer espoused that nearly everyone is carried away by the flamboyant lifestyle on social media not able to draw the dichotomy between the earth as a world and the world of social media. While social media have helped in many way to solve societal problems, such as serving as a platform to draw attention to many ills of the society such as unaccountable government, police brutality, domestic violence, rape etc, it is also, piloting and promoting fake living especially among young ones.

Everything and anything happen on Twitter Street. Like the writer had rightly put it, it is as if everyone on Twitter Street is insane. More succinctly, the use of Twitter as a Street where people live as neighbours is a symbolic representation of a country called Nigeria. From the first chapter, the first word down to the last, the book Twitter Street is an allusion to the day to day, periodic activities and life of Nigerians in Nigeria. The struggle to make it, the unhealthy competition that tends to arrest almost everyone. The book is not just comic in content and narration but jokingly tragic as Nigerians especially the youths have long become toys in the hands of the government that ought to serve them. Unintentionally, the writer touched the very soul of her readers when she narrated the relationship between the government and her people and the unserious and irresponsible handlings of most especially issues that mattered most by the government.

This book is satirical. It is interesting to note that Twitter Street as small as it may sound it is a book of reality. It is a well told story of reality. It succeeded in bringing the readers to consciousness of the environment they are in. The stories on this book are interesting and striking. This is a book every citizen should posses and read.

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Okoemu O. Okoemu is a writer and critic.

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