Two poems By Tukur Ridwan Olorunloba

life in a lyric of loss

this world is my shadow. he left me behind
& lonely in my own night

dying times, days drenched in the overflow
of forlorn

like a thief caught at the market square,
I am stripped & battered—
bathing my lungs in liquor
I am a furnace, burning from inside
with the aid of hemps
because the world is cold outside

my mood, a glint of fire, dying
from life’s heavy wind & blind storms
chasing innocence out of a broken hymen

I, a black god, worshipping who chiselled me
from the fire woods of their hot kitchen
they are now full, I am now empty

I am a barren land this season
grazed of my crops. o my soul,
keep soaring to pull God’s beards
so I could hang on to him

there is war on this earth
& my peace cannot keep up the fight
I am a sea betrayed by loss of fishes—
they are my hope of life,
I am endangered

hooked I am from sinking with my dead spirit
I am the nature all has cheated
the silence teasing the nerves of a sad song
because you can’t hear my wails

I am the broken rock of strength, conquered
in the battle for survival
& my night is still young, & I am scared
when will it grow old & die?

so I can cover its corpse
with the white cloth of a new dawn
my sun is in trouble, bullied by dark clouds
I am about to rain, look at my eyes
& see yourself melting with my falling tears.


here he is there he goes again his head hung below his face a happy-go-lucky ray of a sunshine
whose sun has been melted by the wet perches of rain
in these rainy days a torrent upon the fields of nature
is a torment to his nature alas

the bad part of this testimony is that it is not his first time,
& that is not good enough & when this torrent would not be the last torment on his sunshine makes it worse

he feels the worst heat of gloom in a dark room tearing
his swollen eyes bursting into raindrops of self-pity

he has been left to melt in the storm his light dying out

the bad part of this testimony is that it is not his first time,
& that is not good enough

he was this
he was that
he was what this & that called him with lips of envy
& admiring voices & less does his past admire his present & more does his present envy a time ahead but unknown to the future alas

we can now imagine someone’s sunshine being eroded
into smokes of dim clouds by the rain in this season of storms & here germinates from the root of thoughts
the truth that we are not above beyond ups & downs
& truth is bitter & he has been chewing it in the mouth
of conscience for quite long

the bad part of this testimony is that this is not his first time.

Tukur Ridwan Olorunloba

Tukur Ridwan Olorunloba is a Nigerian poet whose styles cut across diverse themes and forms. Also a literary critic and essayist, Ridwan’s lo ve for writing (poetry especially) has earned him a role in the Nigerian literature. His works have appeared on online literary platforms including Libretto Magazine, Echelon Review, Erogospel elsewhere. He won the monthly and Brigitte Piorson Poetry conte st among winni in March 2018, and shortlisted ng poets in subsequent months. has authored two books; He Depression: Drawing The Curtain (2019). (2018). A Boy’s Tears On Earth’s Tongue He has also coauthored a number of books with notable poets

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