ISSUE 02: Fragmented Palettes

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Today, we present Issue 02 of Libretto’s Art Magazine, with impressive works from different authors from diverse parts of the world. Compiling this work was an arduous task for our team of editors, and the hope to finish strong made them stronger and effective in their role as the supervisory guardians of this magazine. The editorial team gave their best to this work of art so that the reader can find ecstasy in reading.

In the last twenty years, poetry has become a lot more acclaimed, conquered illiteracy, and encouraged a love for art and learning. The advent of social media has ensured we can now access and connect with a broader pool of artists and creatives from across the universe. It takes boldness to write and finish a piece, and that is what builds talent and expertise. In Adaeze .M. Nwadike’s poem, “Flower for Akachi: How not to mourn a skydiver”, the lines in Adaeze’s poem speak of pain and relief:

When I bring you flowers
It is not you I mourn, it is time.
It is the things we lost to childhood
It is the stars
It is God
It is skydiving
It is poetry.

She writes on, and of, nature, time, and pain, and explores the tragedies a person shouldn’t witness. The things no one should mourn or sing cemetery songs for. Things we shouldn’t hold our hands to the waist and watch. Adaeze .M. Nwadike shows a uniqueness, a cultured style of writing, and shows a visceral understanding of the subject matter. Her poem stirred a profound sense of loss in me, and provides yet another poignant inspection of the life and memory of Chukwuemeka Akachi, a young poet who passed on early this year.

Ola W. Halim, Ibrahim Oga, Ahmad Adedimeji Amobi, and Ubaji Isiaka Abubakar Eazy contributed stories laden with imagination and that lures the reader into worlds where words astound with the same vigour as they appease. In their stories, the reader is invited to reflect on the expressed interactions with pain and brokenness contained in this issue. It‘s a window to examine if the theme has anything to do with the hopelessness that surround the distinct realities in which these writers live and write from, or if it’s a much broader assessment of the human condition as encumbered by the travails of life.

Nevertheless, the editorial team suggested we bring out a unique theme for this issue, which we are finally ready to unveil to readers who seek literature and work of arts. The writers, poets and artists whose works appear within the pages of this issue responded with thematic ideas and lucid imaginary thought. They showed us the robustness of sincerity and clarity. The openness in this issue is quite invigorating.

Writing is a way of expressing oneself to the public, a medium through which a self-governed mind expresses and spreads the truth. Writing in many ways is like fragmented palettes hoping to bring light and joy. We are grateful to every contributor who helped to interpret the limpidness of brokenness and grief.

As the great Nigerian writer and poet Chinua Achebe once said, the moment you allow yourself to identify with the people in a story, then you might begin to see yourself in that story, even if on the surface, it’s far removed from your situation. Whatever the case may be, Libretto Magazine we are here to indulge your presence with excitement and jubilation, in collaboration with the best writers, poets, and artists from every part of the world. We wish to elevate stimulate your artistic consciousness.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.
Thank you.

Nosakhare Collins,
Founding Editor/Publisher


Ola w. Halim – Nigeria

Ayokunle Samuel Betiku – Nigeria

Adaeze .M. Nwadike – Nigeria

Ubaji Isiaka Abubakar Eazy – Nigeria

Luke Agada – Nigeria

Jeanette Willert – USA

Chukwu Emmanuel – Nigeria

Goodness olanrewaju Ayoola – Nigeria

Servio Gbadamosi – Nigeria

Antonia Salinas Murguia – USA

Ibrahim Oga – Nigeria

Musa Yunus – Nigeria

Michael Ace – Nigeria

Ann Privateer – USA

Tukur Ridwan Olorunloba – Nigeria

Nnadi Samuel – Nigeria

Wisdom Nemi Otikor – Nigeria

Olaniyi Ololade Moses – Nigeria

Robin Helweg-Larsen – Bahamas

Bill Yarrow – USA

Ahmad Adedimeji Amobi – Nigeria

Sai Sabouke – Nigeria

Toby Abiodun – Nigeria

Ben Ige – Nigeria


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