Spoken River

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Nosakhare Collins

the faces bears the last names

of a broken heart stroke with grief

as we hear the spirit of streams cries

louder with signs of puddles into the heart

tears are weighted with felicity, floating

always on earth, soaked with sudden joy

for happiness obeys the law of heaviness

and gutted like sadness, and become normal

every sound has height, to face the pap

with sound tiptoeing into a sea, rocking the

broken ribs, and smiling back at a flowing waters

seeking land to calm our fury soul

there are no too much words hold sorrows

the vast need to be broken, stable to tear off

the sound breaking into puddles

as every river break into the spirit of spoken river

here, we hear the river speak of felicity

when it begin to flow more, breaking into

qualified part, and seeking into the land

as earth is waiting to hear the river speaks his language

dum dum dum..

let the world hears of you

& let your greatness manifest

dum dum dum..

& let our heart be the history to be told

perhaps a new dawn

will speak of it.

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